Backwards to Go Forwards

Well it’s been a while, no excuses really just been caught up in life and sometimes events are best blogged about sometime after they happen, especially when life changing and personal. 

Anyway, away with being cryptic – this post is most definitely being written from grey, windy England. I will publish the story of how I came to end up back here in the coming week or two, but to start you off here is a double whammy of posts beginning where I left off in Mumbai….

It’s a little different here…. (part two)

Tip number one for working in events in India: Take any time you are given for something to be done or to start and add a minimum of two – five hours to that time to get the actual start/completion time!

I still love my job regardless and this is something I have become accustomed to for some time now working here. As a result I hope I have become a more patient and zen person. Maybe I am achieving enlightenment the hard way compared to the many backpackers who come to India seeking to ‘find themselves’ by drinking bang lassis on a beach during their gap years, but then I’ve never been that conventional!
Last week’s shows were no exception to this elastic time modal and coupled with the added thrill of being factory and office inaugurations, I was particularly overjoyed to be at work, with no drinking water or toilet, doing absolutely nothing, for hours and hours, for all intents and purposes, no good reason. The icing on this deliciously corporate cake was the person-in-charge, on returning from their dinner, asking why on earth we were still at the venue at sometime-past midnight. Seemingly they had forgotten that they had asked us to stay there before leaving for their evening meal! Oh how we laughed…
Still my sense of zen won through and I was all smiles and professionalism at my 5am start the next morning, even when the sound for video feed that we’d spent three hours the day before (after all our work was finished) waiting for, wasn’t used at all.
Tip number two (in case my boss is inadvertently reading!) – if you want to keep your job never, ever, ever point tip number one out to the client, let alone highlight the need for more than three hours sleep at night in order to resemble a human being.
Well there you go, sorry techie rant over.
However, the whole experience happened to be worth it in the end, when our excursion out of Mumbai to the barren industrial estates of Pune and beyond led us on our return journey past one of the most beautiful temples I have ever had the privilege to visit. In one last test of endurance we climbed no less than three-hundred steps to get to this yellow tikka dusted gem of a temple

Jejuri Khandoba Temple near Sasvad

I hope that your patience and time, dear readers in reading my rant was also worth it in order to see these photos of a truly magical place with an equally wondrous view that went on forever:

Goodbye Pani Puri Goodbye Work!


So this week I said goodbye to two things that have been a big part of my life the past six months. I love Pani Puri. I have been warned countless times that the pani in the puri could be bad and make me sick and I don’t regret not listening to those warnings – I’ve eaten tonnes of the stuff and not got sick…until now. It has been my comfort food on my way home from work, or shopping – my treat that would brighten a crappy day. Sometimes I would eat it wrong and end up with the pani all down my front, or the puri would just explode the wrong way in my mouth and go down my throat making my eyes water (a bit like when you get lemonade bubbles up your nose). “Too spicy?” The Pani-puri vendor would ask while other sniggered beside me at the foreigner failing miserably at eating their street food with any kind of grace. I didn’t care because I just loved the stuff so much.

Conversely my job would also make me cry sometimes and also produce bemused looks from the entirely Indian crew as they watched me try to fit in. Sometimes I would do stuff wrong and look silly there also. Once again however, I loved it so much it was all worth it.

Now it is time to say good-bye to the love affairs that were Pani-puri and my job. The gripping stomach cramps and diarrhoea produced by my last encounter with pani-puri are not something I ever intend to repeat. The six day week never seeing my daughter coupled with nineteen hour shifts for no good reason other than “that is just the way things are in India, stop hoping that you can change things for the better” just have to end for the sake of my health and sanity and the benefit of my family.

Saying that I’m sure I could be tempted to break both of those resolutions if the right pani-puri or job came along….



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