The Life of the Unemployed and my Five Seconds of Fame


So it has been a week or so since I left my job and the novelty is fast wearing off. At first I was overjoyed at the quality time with my daughter and boyfriend- we’ve been to malls, done soft play and ice-cream, visited friends in Dadar and paddled in dubious water on dirty beaches while drinking Gola made with equally dubious ice,  drank an unfeasible amount of masala chai and cheap Indian red wine and watched far too much Romedy Now channel under the fan on full power in the balmy evenings sweating while the weather keeps on and on getting hotter and hotter.

You can only live this life for so long so I was delighted when my first and most unexpected freelance job came up, on very much the opposite side of the mixing desk to what I’m used to. I made my vocal Indian film debut doing a voiceover dub for a pre-independence historical biography about a famous Marathi political leader named Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. He was famous for reviving the Ganesh festival or Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav and making it a public event, bringing together communities in celebration during a time of oppression – an act which earned him the title of “Father of the Indian unrest” given by the colonial authorities. All good revolutionary stuff – here is a trailer for the movie (! hope this is the right one! Can’t be that many movies about this so it must be!)

Anyways, if you happen to watch it – I was the voice of the wife of a soldier who got shot in some carriage thing. Most of the colonial characters in the film were played by Russian actors, of which there seem to be an abundance of, much like the tourists in Goa. It was rather surreal listening to the pre-dubbed version!

My one liner in full theatrical hysterics took a few hours of sitting around in the studio, doing some retakes and then some when the director turned up. Clad in white with obligatory shades and just a little bit sweaty he was just like I imagined a bollywood director to look like but down to earth and pretty cucumber cool. The lovely dubbing supervisor whose equally lovely sister I had her sister to thank for the job was a picture of zen patience. The sexy studio was  a treat to see (being the audio geek that I am) and the whole experience was generally pretty damn exciting. Maybe I should change careers and become a Bollywood starlet (might have to work on my Hindi and my waistline/boob-size though!)



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A writer, event production manager, sound engineer and mother, living, working and loving life in Mumbai, London and beyond.
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One Response to The Life of the Unemployed and my Five Seconds of Fame

  1. apurva says:

    Really an interesting piece of information. And ofcourse fun
    The pictures posted are awesome. Indian culture is vast and i got some more good information about my city..


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