Silencing “India’s Daughter”

I wanted to write an article on this subject, but after reading this excellent article by Carissa I decided to reblog this instead! Please read and share. Happy International Women’s day!

Everyday Asia

Quickly before yet another version of India’s Daughter was blocked, I watched the documentary lest I be tempted to comment on something without actually seeing it.

I needn’t have panicked I’d miss the opportunity… like rabbits, as soon as one is blocked, another link pops out of another YouTube hole.

Banning "India's Daughter" on YouTube Banning “India’s Daughter” on YouTube

Social media and mass media alike are abuzz with reactions to the decision to not permit showing the BBC “India’s Daughter” documentary in India. And catapulted its viewing via YouTube in a way a mere airing on BBC TV alone could never have accomplished.

This comes shortly after banning beef consumption in Maharashtra. Yup…  eat beef and you can land in jail for 5 years.

Why is that relevant to India’s Daughter?

Well, if you brutally gang-rape and murder a woman when almost 18 years, that’s a 3 year sentence. Akshay Thakur will be out in December this year… hmm… hard not…

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