Immigration Heartache Part 2


I’m really fed up. This post isn’t even about immigration per se but about my boyfriend coming to visit for a holiday.

It seems that Indians are guilty until proven innocent if they want to come to the UK for personal or business reasons (general visit visa) and it’s just damn well unfair!

Recently I asked on a couple of web forums for people with oversees partners/spouses what kind of documents are required for such a visa, explaining that my partner had x amount in bank account, a letter from myself explaining purpose of visit (i.e. visit very unhappy girlfriend who hasn’t seen him for nearly six months) and that I will pay for his costs while he is here, a letter from my parents stating the same and that they are inviting him here so they can meet their future son-in-law (fair enough you would think?) and in addition a letter from a company who are interested in maybe working with him in the distant future should he marry me and move here.

Apparently we should not mention our relationship in case they decide that he will not come back to India because he will marry me illegally and stay here illegally. Apparently we should not mention any business meetings as obviously that means he intends to stay here illegally and work here illegally (despite the fact that would be pretty damn stupid as he is telling them which company would be in theory employing him illegally!)

Are the authorities a) thinking we are really stupid to try any of those things, b) super paranoid, or c) just plain racist! It makes me really angry that we have been advised not to tell the truth about a perfectly legitimate trip!

Apparently the main thing we need to prove is that he has a good reason to go back to India rather than why he is coming to the UK – stuff like land ownership (he has none like most people our age who are not yet on the property ladder) and letters from employers stating they have given him time off and he has a job to come back to (he works in film and works largely on short-term contracts). Surely the fact that we are good honest, hard working, law abiding citizens should be enough!

When (if) we get married and apply for a spouse visa we will supply all the correct documents then also. I have a good job and earn enough and we have pages of photos and messages to prove our relationship is genuine. I expect that visa to be hard to get as we all know about sham marriages etc but a TOURIST VISA!!! Really? Should it be so hard?

Asking for advice from others in the same situation has dragged up all sorts of heartbreaking stories – daughter’s separated from their mothers as they have left university and can’t prove they have jobs to go back to, elderly relatives (countless ones) who are not allowed to visit their grandchildren not to mention all the husbands, wives and lovers who’s hearts have been broken.

Immigration is such a controversial subject at the moment with immigrants being demonised in the press and by evil David Cameron and his gang. Rightly or wrongly immigration to the UK is getting harder and definitely wrongly this is splitting families up. However, being this draconian about allowing citizens of certain countries to make trips to the UK for family visits, leisure or business is surely immoral?

I have already lost one relationship due to immigration rules and I’m determined not to let this happen again. So will my love make it to the UK? Watch this space……

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12 Responses to Immigration Heartache Part 2

  1. ah cotton! i feel for you! We were going to go to Calais on the way home in France but the things they need we didn’t have with us, couldn’t afford to buy or wouldnt fit in the car. Im going to run the Bath Half marathon and give the money to
    miss you, will call you tomorrow! xxx


  2. It’s getting out of hand! I’m so sorry you’re going through this, and wish you the best of luck


  3. Tianna says:

    that sounds ridiculous and horrible. I’m sorry you’re having such trouble! I’m American so can’t say I have any idea how UK is working at the moment, but here in USA, it’s not that hard to get into the country (from what I can tell), but people still demonize immigrants. Not everyone, but lately it seems like a lot of people do which is really wrong.


    • Thanks Tianna. Yes indeed it has become an important world issue with the crisis of the refugees from Syria at one extreme and the families of domestic migrants being ripped apart because of prejudice and blame for the economic misfortunes of my country. It is largely being created by political groups such as UKIP and through lack of education (or miseducation) about who these people are. Both the UK and to a greater degree the USA are countries built on communities of migrants – a fact a lot of people seem to have forgotten! Let’s not even get started on the British Empire! A friend commented on the fb post for this blog that Germany who have one of the best (if not the best) economies in Europe is welcoming the refugees, a move which may cost at first but will in the end be good for the country and it’s economy so the thinking of Cameron and other right wing politicians is backwards – if only the rest of Europe could follow this example.


  4. You know I know the headaches, heartaches and hassles of immigration!! While I’m completely about never mis-representing, I’m also learning that less detail is often more effective. Huge hugs and shout out if need any help or just a sympathetic ear on Skype to rant to!


  5. expatlingo says:

    This sounds so frustrating and ridiculous!


  6. This part is the part that gives a denial. Visitor visa is for holiday… Not for anything else.
    “And in addition a letter from a company who are interested in maybe working with him in the distant future should he marry me and move here.”


    • Actually sorry Amanda you are wrong – the new visitor visa covers business meetings, family/partner visits, tourism and a whole load of other stuff – look it up on the immigration website for UK government. They changed it to make it simpler apparently. Either way we didn’t include the letter to meet with the company.
      Also we got the visa denied this morning based on his finances and being a freelancer, despite them being quite good with regular payments and a decent amount in his bank account – nothing to do with the purpose of the visit. I am totally heartbroken as is he.


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