New Year’s Resolutions


Happy new year dear readers! In a bid to make me actually stick to them, I would like to share with you all my new year’s resolutions….

  1. Move back to India – after a blissful month there at the end of last year spent with my beautiful daughter, my wonderful partner and his family, my final decision has been made in the India vs. UK where to live debate. All we have to work out now is new visa, new house, new business, new job, new school and a whole load of money to pay for it all….
  2. Become vegetarian (again) – I used to be a vegetarian, in fact a vegan. It was a life choice based very much on strong principles and morals and the last few years I have been a self proclaimed hypocrite, eating meat like it was going out of business! Now I return to a life of better karma, better health and hopefully better purse contents too. Might eat the odd fish though…..
  3. Blog more – writing is indeed good for the soul! Writing more will help me to be a happier person plus there are a lot of things I feel strongly about that I would like to share and write about and and maybe even change a few minds and make the world a better place.
  4. Write a cookery book – not going to give anything away about the theme but sure you can all guess!
  5. Make more music / sound art – I did two degrees in this but since having my daughter I’ve not written any music. Music composition, like writing is also good for the soul and I’m determined to have a soul improving year! You can hear some of my old compositions here:
  6. Be a better mother – spend more time with my daughter and have more patience. I asked my own mother what she would have done differently bringing me up and having more patience was her wish also. Sadly my level of patience seems to be inverse to the amount of time I spend with my child – ask any parent at the end of the holidays before their kids go back to school if they feel the same and they may well sympathise!
  7. Be a better girlfriend/wife – I have the most amazing, inspiring and supportive partner. I hope to marry him and I want to give him back every ounce of the strength and love that he gives me. He makes me want to be a better person, constantly challenges me and is always there for me. My daughter adores him as well and he is the best Pa a little girl could wish for. My biggest wish for 2016 is that we can all be together in the same country.
  8. Win the lottery
  9. Win the lottery twice – so I can give away all the winnings to charity but not be broke as I already won it before.
  10. Volunteer to help the children in the refugee camp in Calais – I have many friends doing wonderful things to help there – here are some links from friend’s projects to check out if you want to add helping refugee kids to your list:



About anenglishwomaninmumbai

A writer, event production manager, sound engineer and mother, living, working and loving life in Mumbai, London and beyond.
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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions

  1. inconnu says:

    Happy New Year!

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  2. All the best with all of your resolutions!!!

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