Healing Tree Network – our brand new initiative

Reblogging this to spread the word on behalf of the fantastic Mythri Speaks blog…. All of us know at least one woman suffering from menstrual pain or menstrual disorders. So much so, that we have come to think of it as normal. Some of us know those who suffer from the side-effect… Source: Healing TreeContinue reading “Healing Tree Network – our brand new initiative”

A New Kidney for Filu – Reunited! an update

Regular readers of my blog will know of my campaign to help my friend Filu get a new kidney. If you haven’t heard about it you can read more here: https://anenglishwomaninmumbai.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/a-new-kidney-for-my-friend-in-india/ https://anenglishwomaninmumbai.wordpress.com/2015/11/12/a-new-kidney-for-my-friend-in-india-happy-update/ Towards the end of last year Filu finally found a matching donor after many years of waiting and painful dialysis and had herContinue reading “A New Kidney for Filu – Reunited! an update”

A new Kidney for my Friend in India

Well it has been a long old time since I have written a blog and this isn’t so much a blog but an appeal to help me help someone very special. My friend Filu and her daughter have been wonderful and kind friends to me and now Filu needs a new kidney I want toContinue reading “A new Kidney for my Friend in India”

Silencing “India’s Daughter”

Originally posted on Everyday Asia:
Quickly before yet another version of India’s Daughter was blocked, I watched the documentary lest I be tempted to comment on something without actually seeing it. I needn’t have panicked I’d miss the opportunity… like rabbits, as soon as one is blocked, another link pops out of another YouTube hole. Banning…

The Sights and Sounds of Mumbai (part 1)

If you live in a city then you will almost certainly have come across the experience of living such a hectic life that you never have time to enjoy all of the things your hometown is so famed for – the sights and sounds and wonders that tourists flock to every day but to you inContinue reading “The Sights and Sounds of Mumbai (part 1)”

The Life of the Unemployed and my Five Seconds of Fame

So it has been a week or so since I left my job and the novelty is fast wearing off. At first I was overjoyed at the quality time with my daughter and boyfriend- we’ve been to malls, done soft play and ice-cream, visited friends in Dadar and paddled in dubious water on dirty beachesContinue reading “The Life of the Unemployed and my Five Seconds of Fame”

Backwards to Go Forwards

Well it’s been a while, no excuses really just been caught up in life and sometimes events are best blogged about sometime after they happen, especially when life changing and personal.  Anyway, away with being cryptic – this post is most definitely being written from grey, windy England. I will publish the story of howContinue reading “Backwards to Go Forwards”

Portraits of Bombay and Beyond (part 1)

Normally I write a blog about being an ex-pat living and working in Mumbai. Today I am giving you a photography blog for a change to my usual ranting. Here are some portraits of some of the amazing people we’ve met or just spotted in this wonderful country. I hope you enjoy them…      Continue reading “Portraits of Bombay and Beyond (part 1)”